Masturbation as exercise

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Do you feel connected to and aware of your body? Can masturbation be a valid form of exercise? And so using masturbation in this way, for health, is nothing to be ashamed and should be encouraged. Some people just cannot or do not exercise as much as they should and so masturbation allows them to fill in the gasps and keep in shape. Anyone have any techniques? Mind clear easy to focus.

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Average sex of healthy adults is times a month.

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March 21, - Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Yes self pleasure so to speak has many benefits. There is no magic way to burn calories that you don't have to exert effort for. Filter posts by subject: Keeping in mind that vigorous sex uses a lot more muscles than going solo, don't expect to see people passing up on the gym in favor of porn and some good lube anytime soon.

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masturbation as exercise
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masturbation as exercise
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