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To often people who have enjoyed the mvoie, and even have pointed to it's flaws, have said "but it's a mindless fun movie, and if you check your brain at the door you will have fun". A Christopher Nolan Star Trek movie would had be sweet. Kelvin if it meant keeping to what was intended with the original Trek. But most of the time, their radiation occurs as you said it, as your description of the Hawkings radiation. Spock must go back in time to "fix" what had changed in the past. I'm pretty neutral on everybody else, including Pine, who does a good job capturing young Kirk's arrogance but not his stammering wonder at it all. You cannt blame the movie for your own trap you felt into.

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Scietists don't actualyl call black holes as black holes exactly, they use such expressiosn as singularities.

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That guy is awesome. CST great sound effects, score by frank cotton. The only things i like about that movie is whenever Patrick Stewart is onscreen and is talking. Some lens flaring would have been a welcome addition. CST Besides, back hole is twice erroneous The acting stuff is all about the same in the two movies, with maybe one minor sigle scene left out.

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