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Library resources about The Golden Ass. For a time I stood there, overcome by the sheer transcendency of the spectacle, then gradually the impression faded and I went away. Eager to be initiated into the mystery cult of Isis, Lucius abstains from forbidden foods, bathes and purifies himself. In this manner the tower spoke to Psyche, and advertised her what she should do. She is a more ambiguous character than Abroea, her prototype in the Onos; is she, like Milo, a willing party to the deception? Barbarus does not notice the strange shoes until the morning, at which point he chains Myrmex's hands and drags him through town, screaming, while looking for the shoes' owner. And then add a few more stories in there?

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But in The Golden Ass appearances more often than not turn out to be deceptive, and there is a good deal more in this short Prologue than immediately meets the eye.

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Metamorphoses (The Golden Ass), Volume I

At last the goddess Isis takes pity on Lucius. Keep Exploring Britannica Voltaire. Nevertheless it will not do to write them off as too literary and too highly coloured to be credible. In this guise, Lucius, a member of the Roman country aristocracy, is forced to witness and share the miseries of slaves and destitute freemen who are reduced, like Lucius, to being little more than beasts of burden by their exploitation at the hands of wealthy landowners. He was put out by this unwelcome attention and muttering indignantly got up to go. It is natural to wonder if he is being taken for a ride, as at one point he himself suspects A Platonic philosopher would surely have held that enlightenment had to be actively sought and worked for.

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apuleius the golden ass
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